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Native Stone Company is a family business, founded by native Topekans, Bob and Alice Swanson (left). We are currently in the third generation of ownership with Ben and Britt Trier (right).

Founders Bob and Alice, now happily retired, started our company in 1988. They're delighting in their retirement, wholly immersing themselves in their vast cattle operation. Their legacy continues through their daughter, Britt, and her husband, Ben. For 22 years, they've nurtured longstanding customer relationships and expanded the business, all while being active pillars in their community and supporting local charities.

When not working, Britt and Ben are busy with their four children's activities. The company's growth was powered by the allure of our quarried stone and the dedication of those behind it. From selling locally to offering five different limestone colors across the U.S. and Canada, we've built a fantastic customer base.

We're committed to preserving our company's reputable work ethic. By delivering a personal touch, we aim to guide your building project from inception to completion.


Since 1988, Native Stone Company has promised that our customer service would be as reliable as our product. We proudly operate a financially, ethically, and morally sound company, with exceptional efficiency, practicing and preserving the principles that formed our foundation. We believe that's the only way to do business.

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