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Native Stone Company is a family business, owned by native Topekans, Bob and Alice Swanson (left). We are currently moving toward a third generation of ownership with Ben and Britt Trier (right).

While it's hard to tell Alice and Britt apart on the phone, you won't have to guess anymore as Alice has been enjoying her role being retired. They have been retired from the stone business for about seven years now and are enjoying that immensely! They are loving every minute of getting to concentrate all of their time on their expansive cattle operation. 

Britt grew up in the business and still enjoys taking care of some of the same customers that her parents have had since the beginning. Ben and Britt have both worked for the company for about 20 years. She roped him into working for the family business after they got engaged. They both attended Washburn University and are very active in their community and schools. Ben was involved in 20-30 Club of Topeka and Britt was involved in Junior League of Topeka. Ally (14), Ben (12), twins Reese and Harper (6) are all very active in just about every sport. When they're not at work, you can find them at a gym or golf course. We also support many local charities and have never been known to turn down a tailgate party.

Our company’s growth was fueled by the beauty and quality of the stone and the passion of the those who quarried it. We started out selling local and today we offer five different limestone colors to distributors, stone yards, contractors, masons, and the general public both locally and across the United States and Canada. We truly have a wonderful customer base.

We strive to maintain the reputable work ethic that has been built over time. By providing you with the personal touch we feel is necessary, we can help you achieve your building project from start to finish.

Passion and dedication are why we're still going strong 32 years later.


Since 1988, Native Stone Company has promised that our customer service would be as reliable as our product. We proudly operate a financially, ethically, and morally sound company, with exceptional efficiency, practicing and preserving the principles that formed our foundation. We believe that's the only way to do business.

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